World Peace Center

Ethiopian Forests are dying

In just 50 years, 90% of Ethiopia’s forests have been ravaged. While these forests are home to a rich biodiversity and are essential to human survival for the services they provide us, they are still destroyed.

To save the Forests

Forest Friends International wants to create a centre to help preserve these forests with respect for people and peace.

We want to stop illegal deforestation and non-respectful forest management. We will enable local populations to find work in eco-responsible sectors. Trainings for forest eco-management will be proposed, as well as jobs in the centre.

Access to education is essential. Conferences and courses on the preservation of the environment will be given in the centre, and a special activity area dedicated to children will be created.

This centre will also be a place of rest. In a difficult geo-political context, it will be possible for the population to find at the World Peace Centre a safe refuge and a place of meditation and rest.

Everybody can help

You can help this project! A simple sharing or a simple donation to your means is very important for us.

We thank in advance all the participants who will help with the preservation of forests!

Biodiversity thanks you!

Example of Peace Center Layout

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