A Word on Climate Change


Enya Mc Bride


Climate change is, without doubt, one of the most threatening issues facing the human race today. Icebergs are melting, storms and freak weather events are becoming more and more apparent and the temperature around the world is increasing every day. 

A critical part of the ‘Doomsday’ glacier in Antarctica is melting. It is predicted that it will begin to break apart in the next two decades. A record temperature of 38 degrees Celsius has also been recorded in Antarctica, highlighting the apparent risk that exists.

Tornadoes are another weather phenomenon that occurs, mainly in America. As recently as this week, more than thirty tornadoes were reported across six states in the US. Climate change may have played a role in causing these tornadoes. The change in temperature may mean that more tornadoes will occur at night, making them more deadly.

What are the causes of climate change? The United Nations suggest that climate change is caused when greenhouse gas emissions trap the sun’s heat, which in turn, leads to global warming and climate change. The temperature of the Earth is now 1.1 degrees higher than it was 200 years ago. Of course, the burning of fossil fuels also has a role to play in this dramatic increase in temperature.

How can we prevent climate change? One small change that can make a big difference is the type of transport we use. For example, aeroplanes produce significant greenhouse gas emissions. By increasing our use of public transport, we can also reduce our carbon footprint. Denmark has announced a plan to make all of their domestic flight’s fossil fuel free by 2030. This is significant as it sets an example for other countries to hopefully follow.

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Recycling and buying fewer clothes can reduce our carbon footprint as the production of these items releases significant carbon emissions. The food we eat also makes a huge difference. The production of vegetables requires less energy and therefore, by consuming more vegetables, we can lower our carbon footprint. All of these little changes can make a huge difference. 


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