Reforest Africa

Reforest Africa African forests are dying. Every year, 15 millions of hectares of tropics are cut down. The biodiversity sheltering by these forests are disappearing with them and the CO2 kept in the trees is leaving into the atmosphere. Because we care about the riches of Nature, Forest Friends International is currently working on reforestingContinue reading “Reforest Africa”

World Peace Center

Ethiopian Forests are dying In just 50 years, 90% of Ethiopia’s forests have been ravaged. While these forests are home to a rich biodiversity and are essential to human survival for the services they provide us, they are still destroyed. To save the Forests Forest Friends International wants to create a centre to help preserveContinue reading “World Peace Center”


Sensitisation Today, the environment and its protection is everyone’s business. We are all capable of changing the world. We all have a role to play in protecting the environment. Choosing an eco-responsive mode of consumption, becoming an activist, encouraging or getting involved in environmental protection projects… there are so many ways to take part inContinue reading “Sensitisation”