Orcas, Human, All Too Human

The only surviving member of the “kingdom of the dead” Orcinus genus, the Orcinus Orca, or as it’s more familiarly known as, the Killer Whale has long been a recognisable species of oceanic dolphin…

The Turning Point

by Nadia Ten Hoeve 04/09/2021 The Turning Point is a three-and-a-half-minute short story written, directed and animated by content creator Steve Cutts. The movie was released on YouTube on the first of January 2020. The music was provided by Wantaways. The movie explores the destruction of the environment, climate change and species extinction from differentContinue reading “The Turning Point”

Impact of Disposable Plastic on Environment & Society

A brief look at disposable plastics, often called Single-Use Plastics, from their manufacture, uses, and environmental impact.


Throughout the world, there are different species of whales. Of the cetacean family, there are about fifteen species including the baleen whales (blue, grey and rorqual whales). As marine individuals they are essential to the biodiversity and functioning of the marine environment…